Новогодний Спектакль

Новогодний Спектакль

New Year Show
Любимые Герои

Любимые Герои

Favorite Cartoon Characters
Подарки для детей

Подарки для детей

Gift Bags for the Kiddos

Utrennik - 2020

January 11, 2020
@11.00 am

Charlotte, NC

McGlohon Theater
at Spirit Square

Новогодний Детский Утренник-2019

Have you ever heard of a mischievous and a quick-witted girl named Masha and her best friend the retired circus star Mishka the Bear? Whether you know them or not, they want to meet you! And guess what – they are coming to meet you in Charlotte, with all their friends, just in time for our traditional Russian-Speaking New Year’s Matinee aka “Utrennik” (and just when you thought you’re already done with all the New Year celebrations). But do not spill the beans… This is our little secret!

Dear friends, please welcome Masha, Mishka the Bear, and their many friends in our Carolina’s annual Russian-Speaking New Year’s celebration. To answer the most common question – yes, you can feed Mishka! He loves honey and Russian perogies. Some of these and other traditional Russian food items will be available at the show for sale, however based on our last years’ experience – the supplies do not last long, so come in early!

The event is mostly performed in Russian language with the English play scripts available for all of our guests, who do not, (yet!), speak Russian. The event includes a pre-show where every child (or a group of kids) would have an opportunity to meet the Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz, Santa’s distant cousin) and his granddaughter (Snegurochka the Snowmaiden), and make a performance of his/her choosing, in English, Russian, or any other language – Ded Moroz and Snegurochka are true multi-lingual! Typical examples include a small song, a poem, or a dance. The doors open at 10AM and the pre-show starts shortly after and lasts for approximately 40 minutes. The main performance starts at 11 AM and consists of a 40-50 minutes play followed by a children’s concert done by the greater Charlotte’s schools of art, language, and music.

Dress up for Utrennik!



Дед Мороз

Grandfather Frost


Snow Maiden
Какой Новый Год без Деда Мороза и Снегурочки? Они обязательно заглянут на наш Утренник в Шарлотте, Северная Королина, и принесут с собой много смеха, веселья, хорошего настроения и, конечно же, подарков для всех детишек.
Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden) are invited to our  New Year Utrennik in Charlotte, NC. They will come with lots of joy and laughter, happiness and yummy presents for the children.


Оригинальная История / Original Story

“Masha and the Bear” is loosely based on an oral folk story of the same name, the series focuses on a little girl named Masha and a paternal bear who keeps her from disaster. Masha lives in the forest with her dog, goat, and pig and every day Masha forces the forestal animals to play with her causing them to be afraid of her. The bear tries to get rid of Masha when he catches her making a mess in his home but is unsuccessful and he learns that Masha is very resourceful, smart, and mischievous – something that causes her to get into a lot of funny situations.

Get Ready for the Show!

Masha & the Bear episodes we LOVE:


Tickets come on sale on October 7, 2019! Make sure you reserve your spot in advance – tickets sell fast & the best price is available to early buyers! Билеты поступят в продажу 7 октября 2019. Купив билеты заранее, вы гарантированно попадете на шоу + получите билеты по наиболее привлекательной цене.

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A special preferred parking rate of only $5* is available for our patrons in our designated garage.
7th Street Station Parking Garage
Enter on 6th or 7th Streets between N. College and N. Brevard Streets.
*The $5 rate is applicable when parked in the garage after 5pm on weekdays, Mon – Fri. If parked in the garage before 5pm, the $5 rate is void. There is no time restriction for the weekend, Sat & Sun. 

More information on parking here


The event will be professionally videotaped by the accredited operators, and DVDs will be on sale shortly after. Before/After the show you are more than welcome to take pictures with your personal cameras. Во время представления будет вестись профессиональная видеосъемка, запись можно будет приобрести через несколько дней после спектакля. До/после спектакля вы сможете сделать фотографии на свои камеры.


.00 OFF


Purchase your tickets before  or on October 31, 2019, use code MASHA2020 and get a $5 Discount per Ticket! 
All revenue from the tickets will be used to support the event needs: venue rental, costumes, decorations, gifts to the attending children, etc. 
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We are trying our best to make the show as bright and beautiful as we possibly can. By purchasing the tickets early, you give the organizers an opportunity to prepare to the event better: more funds becomes available for decorations, costumes & presents. We do have assigned seating this year!


Child Ticket

Child ticket includes a pass to the show and a gift from Ded Moroz & Snegurochka. По детскому билету после просмотра новогоднего представления можно получить подарок от Деда Мороза и Снегурочки.
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Adult Ticket

Adult ticket does not come with the gift. But hey, you can still enjoy the show! Взрослый билет включает в себя просмотр шоу, но не включает подарок.
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Community Education Project is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization created to promote and increase community awareness and knowledge about well known and proven effective educational and child rearing theories and practices. NY Utrennik is brought to you by Community Education Project and a great number of volunteers who devoted their time and efforts in an attempt to share their childhood NY experiences with the younger generation.

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Charlotte Utrennik in previous years:

Sponsors 2020

This project was made possible, in part, with funding from ASC, and the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources.

Russian-speaking community of the Carolinas is growing! So is our event. If you can, consider donating – every dollar counts.
Thank you and hope to see you at Utrennik show soon!

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Children’s Concert

Как принять участие в детском концерте? / How to participate in children’s concert?

Ваш ребенок хочет рассказать Деду Морозу и Снегурочке стишок или спеть песенку? Они будут очень рады! В этом году индивидуальные выступления детей будут проводиться до начала основного спектакля, в рамках пре-шоу. Для выступления необходима предварительная запись. Запишитесь, ведь дети любят выступать!
Would you like your child to participate in the pre-show activities? They are welcome to sing a song, read a poem or show a simple play. Let us know! Signup is required. Children lo-o-ove being on stage! 

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Utrennik Location

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    McGlohon Theater
    345 N College St,
    Charlotte, NC 28202
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